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About us

Open Road Medway supports adults who are affected by substance and / or alcohol misuse. We offer a wide range of individual and effective recovery solutions.

Recovery is a personal Process…

Our service can help you focus and harness your own strengths and skills regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself. We are committed to helping you, as an individual, to develop your own personalised resources to equip you in being able to progress positively with your recovery journey.

We understand that one of the main challenges once structured treatment has finished is a sense of loss, not knowing what to do next or how to manage the days that were previously taken up by drug use and / or drinking.
Here at Open Road we address this critical time and work with you to plan a future that is fulfilling, fun and supportive of your ongoing recovery.

Your Recovery Journey

If you are nearing the end of your treatment and you are confident you can remain stable and abstinent from drug and / or alcohol use, Open Road will support you through your recovery journey.

If you are fully recovered, you might be able to sign up for a Volunteering or Mentoring programme.

If someone you know someone that has been affected by drugs and / or alcohol misuse, Open Road can help – Please browse our pages below to see what’s on offer then get in touch!

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Recovery Community Links

Recovery is an ongoing process that will continue long after the end of your structured treatment programme.
By establishing positive recovery routines you can continue to implement the skills you learnt from structured treatment.

1-2-1 Support

We recognise that recovery does not happen in isolation which is why we work together to make a tailored plan to suit you individually on your recovery journey.

Education, Training and Employment

Open Road’s Medway Wellbeing and Recovery Service assist clients in accessing education, training and employment as a key element of recovery and re-integration back into the community. Find out more about our education, training and employment service in Medway.

Medway’s Wellbeing and Recovery Team

A warm welcome from the Wellbeing and Recovery team!

Medway Recovery Referral

Must be completed directly by the person seeking to access the service

Medway Recovery Volunteering

Open Road is always looking for Volunteers and Peer Mentors with passion and drive to support others during their recovery journey from drug and alcohol misuse.